Want to become a Nanny?

Our fully supported Nanny programme could be the answer!

Playschool Nannies is also proud to introduce a brand new childcare option to the market – Demi Nannies. A Demi Nanny is very similar to an Au Pair, but instead of sourcing overseas candidates for the role (which have become very limited due to the pandemic border restrictions), we utilise local Nannies like yourself who are ready to start earning now! Demi Nannies can have different levels of experience from beginner all the way through to intermediate and because your living costs are covered by your Demi family your entire net salary is yours to spend on fun things instead of rent and bills. Sounds pretty good right?


Playschool Nannies

Playschool Nannies specialises in placing Nannies with amazing families in a number of different role types. We do not charge Nannies a registration or placement fee so you can register today and be working as a Nanny quicker than you can say ‘Where do I register’?

Playschool Nannies matches Nannies with families in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Canterbury and throughout New Zealand and as a licensed Home-Based Care provider all Playschool Nannies are supported and guided by our qualfied Early Childhood Education Teachers.

Even better, Nannies working for families who have one or more children under 5 years of age qualify for our FREE Ministry of Education licensed Home Based support programme – Playschool Education, where you will receive additional education and support services from us.

Our team committed is to providing the best Nanny service in New Zealand. Contact us today to find out more about the advantages of being a Playschool Nanny.

What type of Nanny role is right for me?

We offer a range of Nanny roles including Permanent and Temporary Nannies, Demi Nannies, Night Nannies and Babysitters. Regardless of your experience and qualifications, we can find the perfect Nanny role for you!


The most recognised and common type of professional in-home childcare.

Nannies can be live-in (if you have the space) or most commonly live-out and fill roles that are full or part time on a fixed term or on-going contract lasting over 4 months.

Nannies can offer a range of experience from new to the childcare industry and full of can-do attitude to having years of experience under their belt – think Mrs Doubtfire types. Their qualifications can range from hands on experience through to holding a Certifcate in Nannying (Cert. Nannying) or even a Degree in Early Childhood (B.Ed ECE) possibly more!

Demi Nannies

Demi Nanny roles are especially perfect for individuals who are looking at becoming a Nanny and have not yet gained as much experience as other Nanny candidates. It is also the perfect role for those who may have been made redundant from the Covid-19 virus with no childcare experience but have some non-childcare related experience – perhaps in the retail or hospitality sectors.

Demi Nannies live in as part of a family so most, if not all, of your living costs, are covered by your Demi family and you can work anywhere between 25 and 50 hours per week and care for up to 4 children of any ages. As a Demi Nanny, your role includes many benefits such as a free furnished room, meals, internet and potential use of a car because these costs are met by your Demi Family. Plus, you can expect to receive a net salary (after-tax salary) of between $250 and $500 per week. This role could be just what you are looking for to get back on your feet and lead into a career as an experienced Nanny or Temp Nanny.

Temp Nannies

Temp Nannies have all the skills and experience of a standard Nanny but are available and happy to fill any short-term role a family has. From a last-minute half-day fill-in to a full-time role of up to 4 months in duration, or anything in between, we have roles to suit Temp Nannies who prefer casual or short term roles.


If you have some spare time on your hands and want to earn some extra money then registering as a Playschool Babysitter is the right way to go.

We have babysitting roles pop up daily so once you are registered with us we will police vet and reference check you and then our babysitting roles will be offered to you as they arise.

What can I expect to earn as a Nanny?

Nannies also have the ability to establish their own salary expectations based on their experience and/or qualifications, likewise, every family’s needs are different and what they offer as a salary or hourly rate will vary depending on their personal circumstances.

Below is a suggested guideline of basic industry standards when considering what you might expect to earn as a Nanny.


Rates $19 – $28 per hour Rates may be adjusted to take into consideration a live-in position. *Please note the From April 1st, 2020 the adult minimum wage was increased to $18.90 per hour.
Additonal In most cases, the Nanny contracts to the family and the Nanny manages their own tax. They may also become an employee of the family and you manage your tax if preferred.
Payroll YES – optional
Employment Terms Full or part-time – minimum 3 hours per week Live in or live out Fixed-term contract or ongoing contract of 26 weeks (6 months) or longer

Demi Nanny

Rates 25 hours per week between $250 and $300 nett salary 30 hours per week between $275 and $325 nett salary 35 hours per week between $300 and $375 nett salary 40 hours per week between $325 and $425 nett salary 45 hours per week between $350 and $450 nett salary 50 hours per week between $400 and $500 nett salary Suggested rates are a guide only and may be adjusted to suit the families needs.
Additional Tax costs are met by the Demi family. Demi Nannies are paid a salary of the adult minimum wage of $18.90 per hour less expenses. Tax is calculated and paid on the gross salary (minimum wage times the number of hours worked) then a pre-formatted calculation is used to calculate and subtract board and food costs from their gross salary. The balance left over is the nett salary and this is paid to the Demi Nanny and known as the net (or reduced) salary.
Payroll YES – optional
Employment Terms Work between 25 and 50 hours per week Live-in Fixed-term contract or on-going contract
Other As the living costs are covered by the Demi family including room, food, wifi and in many cases a car is provided it is important to understand that the cost associated with these benefits is taken into consideration and form part of your overall salary package. Nett salary, as shown above, is what you can expect in your hand each week after tax and lodging considerations.

Temp Nanny

Rates $25 per hour flat rate

The Temp Nanny manages their own tax

We will charge the family your hourly rate for any hours you work and then pay you your gross salary on a weekly basis.

Employment Terms Full or part-time – minimum 3 hours per day Live-in or live-out, casual or fixed-term up to 25 weeks in length


Rates $19    
Additional The Babysitter will manage their own tax
Payroll Not available The family will pay you directly at the end of your babysitting job
Other Receive babysitting jobs via email or text. Bookings are accepted on a first-in first-served basis.

Who can become a Playschool Nanny?

Do you have a passion for in home education, have initiative and a fun personality? Then we would love to chat to you! Click apply now if you meet the below criteria:

  • 17 years and older (16+ years for babysitting)
  • Can provide 2 childcare references (or other employment references if you are applying to be a Demi Nanny)
  • Full, clean drivers license (Non-drivers will be accepted for Demi Nanny roles)
  • Have a current first aid certificate or be willing to complete one within 3 months of confirmed placement with your new family (paid for by Playschool Nannies).
  • Clean Police Record – willing to complete a Police Vet.
  • Current C.V.
  • Willing to be involved in our Playschool Education programme if children are 5 years and under.
  • NZ Citizenship, permanent residency or a valid Work Visa (working holiday visas’ accepted for Demi Nannies.
  • Be able to commit to a 6+ month placement (Does not apply if you are applying to become a Temp Nanny or Demi Nanny)

The process of finding the perfect Nanny role

Once you have completed our quick online application form we will contact you with some additional forms to complete which will allow us to contact your references, undertake a New Zealand police check and a qualification check. We will also arrange an interview with our Placement Experts. Once these formalities are complete we can start the matching process.

In some cases, we may have already advertised the role you are applying for in which case, if your application is suited to the role, we will submit to the family. Other times the best course of action is to list you as an available candidate on our website so all families can see who you are and a bit about you (unless for privacy reasons you request we do not make your details public). As each family’s needs are different the time involved in finding the perfect Nanny role can vary from a week to a month so wherever possible allow enough time so that we really can find the best Nanny role for you.

You will receive job profiles to consider and you will have the opportunity to decide if the roles feel right for YOU. Every family and every role is different and we will support you every step of the way.

If the family of the roles we put you forward for wish to interview with you, we will facilitate a time for this to happen. We will then follow up with both you and the family afterwards – getting feedback and answering any questions you may have. If the family offers you a role and you decide the role is right for you we will organise this and any paperwork that needs to be completed – this includes a Placement Agreement and Job Description.

Once employment has begun Playschool Nannies will keep in touch with both yourself and the family and provide ongoing support. If you qualify for the Playschool Education Programme you can expect a sign-up visit within the first week of starting your new role. For those Nannies caring for older children only, we are here 7 days a week to provide all the support and guidance you may need to help you succeed in your new role.

The Playschool Education Programme

Playschool Nannies implements the Playschool Education Programme through our affiliation with Playschool Education Ltd who is licensed by the Ministry of Education.

Playschool Education is one of just a couple of licensed education and support services that operates throughout most of New Zealand inlcuding;

  • Greater Auckland including Wellsford, Mangawhai & Waiheke Island
  • Waikato & surrounding areas
  • Manawatu & Taranaki
  • Hawkes Bay & Gisborne
  • Greater Wellington
  • Greater Canterbury
  • Otago
  • Queenstown & lakes areas
  • Bay of Plenty Areas

*We plan to expand to cover all other areas including Blenheim and Northland by 2021.

Over a number of years, Playschool Education has developed and strengthened their education and support programme to ensure that Nannies will not only be caring for children but supported in delivering quality and progressive education in the home.

The Playschool Education Programmeis designed for Nannies working for families who have at least 1 child under 5 years of age (or 6 if not attending school). As part of our Education Programme you and the children you care for will be visited at home on a monthly basis by one of our qualified ECE Teachers (Programme Coordinator’s), who will help you to settle into your role. Following this, your Programme Coordinator will continue to visit monthly to support the delivery of our fun learning curriculum. Being enrolled in the Playschool Education Programme gives you access to child outings, a monthly activity delivered to your workplace, free educational resources and activities, professional development opportunities and our activity passes which include free annual Zoo passes.

Contact us to find out more!