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COVID-19 Update

Hi everyone!

We hope you are all doing OK! We just wanted to check in and update you with some valuable information that we have received from the New Zealand Government. Our number one priority as always is to support you during your Au Pair adventure and provide you with honest, up to date and relevant information.

At this time, we know that some Au Pairs are trying to head home – and we understand why, this is a difficult time and you would want to be surrounded by family. However, from the start Playschool has been advising against this as the difficulty on securing a flight has been evident, and prices have been very expensive.

There was a mercy flight intended from Germany, but from new information from the New Zealand Government this is potentially not going ahead as planned – essentially, they have stopped this due to the travel restrictions around New Zealand we are experiencing under lockdown. Please click on this link.

The problem that now arises is, if you have registered for this flight and left your family because you believed you would be offered a seat, you may now be without support. From information we have received flights that may still happen are for those who are: elderly, young, sick or immune compromised. Unfortunately you may not qualify for these priority’s and remember also you are in a better position that most – you have accommodation, food and more than likely are still needed for work while host parents are working from home or out on the frontline. The reason I say this is because once you have ended your contract with your family and are headed home you no longer fall under Playschool support. This means that Playschool is now under no obligation to offer our emergency accommodation. Your host family you have left likely will have also contacted us straight away and secured another Au Pair – meaning that returning to your host family may not be an option. If you can go back to your host family you only may be offered board and food but no pocket money until the lockdown is lifted.

This update is not to cause more stress, as we understand already how stressed and even frightened you may be, however now is the time to be realistic and we want to stress how important it is to stay with your host family so that you will not be stranded. This is the safest option for you – we have already been dealing with the fall out of Au Pairs leaving families and expecting to be on the flight but are now stranded somewhere having to pay for accommodation at premium prices. Again, this update is not to distress you, but to offer you correct information and assist you through this lock down.